Basics of Water Treatment

WTP with FRP Vessel Cap- 10 m3 / hr

The rain water as it passes through the atmosphere, picks up dissolve gases. When it comes in contact with the earth, picks up the suspended & dissolved matter. Thus the main impurities in the water can be broadly classified as under :

  1. Undissolved suspended solids

  2. Dissolved solids

  3. Dissolved gases

  4. Other impurities

HRSCC – Capacity 10 m3 / hr

The water is used in industry or for drinking which requires certain specifications. The above mentioned impurities are removed through various processes and equipments to give suitable water for each application. Types of Process / Products to give suitable water for each application

  • Pressure Sand Filters

  • Activated Carbon Filters

  • Dual Media Filters

  • DM Plants

WTP Capacity 34.2 m3 / hr


  • Reverse Osmosis System

  • RO EDI System for Pharmaceuticals

  • Ultra Filtration Systems

  • Consumables for Water Treatment Plants

  • Rain Water Harvesting

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant – STP / ETP

  • Vehicle Wash Water Recycle Plant


  • RO Plant for Dialysis Application